Pathology service supply issues

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Urgent communication regarding issues with Pathology services

Update 21st October 2020

Service restrictions which have been in place for the Clinical Biochemistry service at Peterborough City Hospital for the last two weeks will start to be lifted.  Thank you for your patience in helping us get through this period by limiting requests to urgent patients.

Nationwide issues with deliveries from our key supplier, Roche Diagnostics, have now been resolved to a level that gives us confidence that we will have sufficient stock to restart routine testing of non-urgent work from 22nd October.  

To avoid a disruptive surge in demand, we would ask that you do not restart annual reviews in clinically stable patients until we have further assurance on deliveries and have managed the surge of routine requests which we anticipate over the coming week.  We will review this position on 30th October.

All samples which were sent during the period when restrictions were in place which were still viable for processing have been processed and reported.  Reports have been issued to the requesting location for any requests that were received but unfortunately could not be processed due to the Roche incident.   

We again wish to express our thanks for your support during this disruption.  The reduction in activity has helped ensure that critical services have been maintained during the last 3 weeks.