• Acceptance of Semen Sample Collection Containers

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    It is important that patient that require semen analysis, either for fertility investigations or post-vasectomy analysis, are given the correct container for sample collection prior to their test.

    For the past 2 years, each semen sample collection container distributed by the North West Anglia Trust has been pre-weighed to enable the accurate calculation of semen volume during subsequent analysis. The weight is hand-written on the label on the sample container on the date that it is prepared:

    We have recently received an increasing number of semen sample containers from patients that have not been pre-weighed (as the containers are greater than 2 years old) or the weight has been erased from the label. In this event, the sample volume and total sperm number cannot be calculated.

    From Monday 30th September, semen samples will only be accepted for analysis if they are received in a pre-weighed cytotoxicity-tested container that has been prepared by the department.

    Samples that are received in a semen collection container that has not been pre-weighed, or an alternative container (e.g. universal bottle) will be rejected as they are unsuitable for analysis.

    Semen sample collection containers are available to order from the Pathology department via our website ( are happy to replace ‘old-style’ semen collection containers with the equivalent number of pre-weighed collection containers. If you are unsure whether the batch of containers that you have in stock in your surgery are suitable for use, please contact the laboratory who will be happy to advise you.If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch via email ( or phone (01733 678455).