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Following analysis of specimens, the Pathology laboratory will issue a report with the required findings and results. These reports may be issued either as a hard copy or electronically. 


Hard copy reports

Hard copy reports are currently issued to all the Outpatient's department, external hospitals and some Primary Care services.  

Electronic reporting

The laboratory currently provides electronic requesting and reporting via Sunquest ICE. Training in the use of the software can be provided by the IT department at Peterborough City Hospital, basic instructions for collecting results are as follows:

- Log into the software

- Locate the patient’s record using the search function (the patient name, D.O.B. or unique identifier can be used)

- Click on the required patient, then click on the ‘Results’ tab on the bottom left of the screen, then ‘View Patient Results’, also on the left of the screen

- From this screen, Pathology reports are listed and can be viewed by clicking on the required record

- Some Pathology results are also transmitted electronically via the ‘GP Links’ facility. For more information on this facility please contact the Clinical Biochemistry or Haematology departments.

-All ICE electronic Reports have been processed at Peterborough City Hospital.

Results by telephone 

Results can also be obtained by telephone from the following phone numbers: 



Results Phone no.

Clinical Biochemistry

01733 678468


01733 678454


01733 678468


01733 678437

Cellular Pathology

01733 677802

Please contact the laboratory on 01733 678468 if you wish to discuss Pathology reports, and/or your reporting format. 

Result forms 

If you are transcribing results issued from the laboratory at Peterborough City Hospital, please ensure you have up to date information on our tests (e.g. reference ranges, units).  For more information on individual test, please use the search function on this website or contact the respective department directly.  Below is a controlled form for transcribing Clinical Biochemistry results.