Haematology and Blood Transfusion

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Contact details

(For external callers, add 01733 67- before the 4 digit internal extension number)

Address:  Department 413, Peterborough City Hospital, Edith Cavell Campus, Bretton Gate, Peterborough PE3 9GZ

Laboratory situated on 4th floor - Blood Bank access only via Core B lifts. All other business - access via Core C lifts

Consultant Haematologists*

 Dr M Sivakumaran

Ext 8428/8429 (Secretary)

 Dr K Rege

Ext 8428/8429 (Secretary)

 Dr S Nagumantry

Ext 8428/8429 (Secretary)


Consultant Haematologists*

 Dr L Khalil

Ext 8428/8429 (Secretary)

 Dr A Fowler

Ext 8428/8429 (Secretary)


* Contact numbers are for routine hours only - Out-of-hours contact with the


Haematology consultant on-call must be requested via switchboard


** Long range bleep numbers are paged via switchboard



Blood Sciences Manager

Deputy Blood Sciences Manager

Blood Bank Manager and Deputy Quality Manager

Blood Transfusion Coordinator


Martin Drury

Ext 8431



Sam Fowler

Ext 8456



Laura Willmott

Ext 8463



Kaye Bowen

Ext 8422, bleep 1256




Haematology Results

Haematology Laboratory

Blood Transfusion Laboratory

Out of Hours Contact

Ext 8468 


Ext 8453 (Haematology)
Ext 8460 (Coagulation)



Ext 8451 / 8452



Bleep 1151 or ring Switchboard